How to Make Money with Your Design  - 15 Ideas

If you are a designer, maybe for web design, print or something else, you know it’s not easy getting clients. It’s even harder if you’re really good at something like illustrating but don’t earn a dime with your work.

The following ideas will help you to think about your passion and how you could earn money with your design and art work.

Making money with design

  1. Make a portfolio and sell your services
  2. Design icons and symbols and sell them trough stock-sites
  3. Offer web design services
  4. Design logos and build identity’s for other businesses
  5. As web designer you could specialize on blog design or in another niche
  6. Build high quality templates and themes for blogs or other software and sell them
  7. Sell your rejected graphics and designs over at graphicleftovers

Making money with art

  1. Build your own t-shirt online shop
  2. Have your own doodle character? Build a shop with some merchandise (buttons, stickers)
  3. Selling prints of your artwork on community’s like deviantart
  4. Make hand made products and sell them on etsy

Making money with photography

  1. Going local and advertise your services
  2. Sell stock-photos
  3. Build your own portfolio or photo-blog to show your work
  4. Sell your images trough a agency

How you’ll be successful

And don’t forget:

  • Have a sense of humor
  • Be yourself
  • Be a simplifier, not a complicator
  • Be original. Be grateful. Be courageous
  • Don’t cut and paste other designers work

I will publish an article on every single one of these ideas in the near future, so if you need more in depth details on any of them, they’re coming.

Do you have more ideas? Please write them down in the comments. I’ll pick them up and place them in the list.

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    Hi This is Raj A Graphic Designer . I am To Know How To Earn Money By Designing.

  5. Raj Sharma on Dezember 27th, 2009

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